Events and Functions in the UK

The events industry is a massive component of the British economy, accounting for a third of UK visitor economy. In 2015, the sector, which is grouped under the service industry, generated revenues in excess of £42 billion, which is equivalent to the annual GDP of Uruguay. The figure actually grows higher if we include indirect spending such as logistics, IT and other support services. The events industry also employs, directly and indirectly, about 570,000 people spread across 25,000 registered event organisers and 10,000 venues.

The events industry, which includes business functions, conferences, meetings, seminars, fundraisers and product or service introductions, among others, draws well over 85 million participants and attendees to more than 1.3 million events held during the previous calendar year. It would be no exaggeration to say that the continued growth and success of the industry is of paramount importance to the health of the hospitality industry as a whole.

In a 2016 report, ticketing specialist Eventbrite surveyed more than 800 industry professionals and concluded that education and training is the most popular reason to hold events (36%), followed closely by networking (30%) and profit generation (30%).

The report also noted that conferences and meetings accounted for a lion's share of the spending with £19.9 billion, with exhibitions and trade fairs a distant second at £11 billion. Corporate events, performance incentives, cultural events and outdoor events are other notable segments of the industry, with each generating approximately a billion pounds each. It should be noted however that trade fairs and exhibitions, which attracted over 13 million visitors annually, bring in long-term recurring income to manufacturers and service providers (including, notably, universities).

The events and meeting industry is poised to grow strongly in the coming years for one simple reason - it is highly effective. The fundraising industry is a great example of this. 67% of organisations involved in fundraising plan on increasing the number of events they hold, because 83% of participants would support similar events in the future. Similarly, 83% of organisers anticipate an increase in the number of hires over the coming years.

Beyond the economic numbers, the industry also contributes positively to the nation in various ways, including education, job excellence and social diversity - both for participants and the greater community.

Ethical Events and Business Functions

As much as a successful event or business function is about generating a return and new opportunities, you should not do so at the expense of our planet. We are big on eco event planning and considering the environment before you make key event decisions such as venue and catering choices. Nowadays you don't have to spend a fortune for eco-friendly solutions, products and services. Fortunately, most people reading this are already taking a similar approach. Below are a few tips for how you can ensure you are considering the environment whilst planning your event.


The majority of you will consider this no doubt for other reasons already but when it comes to location, you can minimise your events carbon footprint. Simply by ensuring that the location is near the largest proportion of your event attendees you can reduce more greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere from long commutes to attend. 


We recognise that there is so much to consider already when looking at event catering. Allergies, dietary requirements and even just personal preferences. Why not add one more to the list! Please try and go organic where possible. You don't need to make the whole menu vegetarian but trying to use organic produce and meats can add up.

Rubbish Removal & Clean Up

One of the easiest things you can do is make sure your guests are recycling/using the recycling bins properly. Besides that, your best bet is to partner with one of the top eco-conscious waste clearance businesses offering rubbish clearance London has available. Clean up properly following your event as there is no guarantee to the venue cleaners will take as a proactive approach to recycling as you might. Any sensitive/harmful materials should be taken to the proper dump/drop off location (which you should be able to find by searching online or asking your waste clearance company whilst they are clearing the rest of your rubbish). 

Charity Options

You would be surprised by how many events don't put up calls to donate to a chosen charity. You have potentially thousands of generous attendees who would love the opportunity to donate and all you need to do is ask. We suggest investing in some posters and/or collection materials so you can offer more information about your chosen charity and raise that much more.