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The history of the Royal Variety Performance is truly fascinating; 86 shows over 101 years provides not only a wonderful history of the support given to the EABF by senior members of the Royal Family, but also serves as a breathtaking chronological history of the very best in entertainment from around the globe, year by year.....

...from Sir Edward Elgar to Luciano Pavarotti, from The Beatles to Take That, from Laurel & Hardy to Morecambe & Wise, from Tony Hancock to Russell Brand, from Aretha Franklin to Leona Lewis, from Sammy Davis Jnr. to Michael Jackson, from Duke Ellington to Sir Elton John, from Liberace to the Spice Girlsfrom Bob Hope to Peter Kay, from Tommy Cooper to Harry Hillfrom Shirley Bassey to Lady Gaga...the list of legendary performers is incredible, fascinating and endless.

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1956. The Royal Variety Performance that never was.
Perhaps it was just as well that 1955 had two Royal Variety Performances, for the 1956 one has gone down in history as the Royal Variety Performance that never was. All the performers and theatre staff were busy in rehearsals, when Val Parnell called a halt to make an announcement, 4 hours before curtain-up......more.

PLEASE NOTE: We are missing original copies of Royal Variety Performance programmes from the years 1925 and 1932. Should you have one of these programmes, or know of the whereabouts of one, please contact, Giles Cooper, Chairman of the EABF on 020 8898 8164.

We are constantly striving to improve this official online documentation of the show's fabulous history. If you have any memories, footage, or photographs of any previous Royal Variety Performance, we would love to hear from you.

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